Pictures of the Park

Below are a few photos of our Fifth Anniversary Celebration which took place on Saturday, May 30, 2015.  We thank all of those who helped make it a great success!

We like to share photos of our Park, which we consider the "People's Park".  For example, some volunteers "adopt a spot" where they plant flowers, weed, and water.  We just ask our visitors not pick the flowers.  Please leave them for all to enjoy!  If you have pictures of the park you would like to share with others on this page, send them to us!  

We invite you to come to the park for a walk, a hike, bike ride, to sit on one of the many benches found throughout the park, enjoy nature, have a picnic! Push your baby's carriage on one of the many paved walk ways. Enjoy the peace and tranquility of the park.  Visit the 9-11 Memorial.  Let your children play in the huge playground area! Let your dogs run around the dog park where there are two specially fenced in areas; one for small dogs and one for larger dogs. Look at the former gorilla house, the elephant barn, the "shoe", and Swan Lake.  You might see a turtle or two basking on a log. Reminisce! Think about the fun you had here when Benson Park was Benson's Wild Animal Farm.

The Park is open year round.  The foliage is awesome from the end of September through late October.  Cross Country ski or snow shoe during the winter or build a snowman! Get out!  Enjoy the beauty of Benson Park and the fresh air!

photo gallery